Sony NightShot

Sony NightShot - Super Nighshot - NightShot Plus

I have been a fan of all Sony products for 35 years now, my first Sony product was when I was 15 & it was a Sony Walkman loved it!

Sony has made a variety of consumer and consumer night vision equipment models over the years, thanks to their Nightshot technology.

Nightshot technology gives Sony's night vision models the highest sensitivity to near infrared radiation or NIR. Nightshot is actually just like many other night vision technologies and performs two functions: image enhancement by collecting and amplifying what little perceivable light is available, and thermal imaging by collecting infrared radiation (IR) -- including near-IR, mid-IR and thermal IR -- and translating it into light in the visible spectrum.

To understand Sony Nightshot better requires differentiating the different types of IR. While thermal IR is emitted by an object (utilized in thermal scans), near-IR and mid-IR are reflected by an object.

Nightshot technology improves on usual night vision systems through the use of LEDs that illuminate the subject with near-IR and mid-IR light. The near-IR and mid-IR light is then bounced back to the Nightshot camera to create very good night vision footage. Sony has made many modifications over the past years

If you have any of the Sony video cameras below your camera will work with the Spectrum Lite infrared booster illuminator. If you are unsure if your camera will work with the Spectrum Lite please contact me & I will answer you the same day.

Sony CCD-TRV36
Sony CCD-TRV57

Sony CCD-TRV65

Sony CCD-TRV75

Sony CCD-TRV128

Digital 8
Sony DCR-TRV340
Sony DCR-TRV460
Sony DCR-TRV480
Sony DCR-TRV615
Sony DCR-TRV720

Mini DV
Sony DCR-HC26
Sony DCR-HC28
Sony DCR-HC52
Sony DCR-HC96
Sony DCR-TRV17
Sony DCR-TRV22
Sony DCR-PC105
Sony DCR-PC350

Hard Drive - HDD
Sony DCR-SR32 
Sony DCR-SR42 
Sony DCR-SR45
Sony DCR-SR60
Sony DCR-SR72
Sony DCR-SR80
Sony DCR-SR85
Sony HDR-SR1
Sony HDR-SR5
Sony HDR-SR7
Sony HDR-SR10
Sony HDR-SR12

About Spectrum State

I have been intrigued with the paranormal since I was a kid, I started solo investigations around 5 years ago, then branched out to freelance with paranormal groups. I found solo investigations to be almost a form of mediation sitting in the darkness, peace & quite is a beautiful world for an introvert!

Over the years I have used many infrared capable digital cameras & video cameras, one thing I learned very fast is you can never get enough infrared light as I'm sure most in the paranormal field would agree. Outlaying many dollars on infrared lights I decided enough was enough, I started making my own infrared illumination. After burning out many LED's  (Light emitting Diodes) & prototyping I came up with an infrared illuminator that surpassed the Sony IR lights by a long shot.

Spectrum Lite evolved over many months, I would go on tours & investigations people would see my custom made IR light & ask me to make one for them, anyhow to cut a long boring story short I started making the Spectrum Lite & have since sold in the hundreds! Most of  the custom made Spectrum Lite are sold online across the globe, however my best  source remains by word of mouth referrals.

Spectrum State - Paranormal

Spectrum State - My passion is the Haunted & Paranormal. I would consider myself as a skeptic & very  black & white individual, however after several experiences over the years nothing has been able to debunk what I have seen heard or felt there is NO logical explanation.

Why Spectrum Lite?

I live my life by a few rules & the main rule is treat people how I like to be treated. I will make you the best infrared illuminator on the market for your Sony infrared camera, video camera, night scope & night vision goggles. Your transaction will be hassle free, I have been an eBay member for 12 years, same for PayPal NO risk & NO problems.

  • I personally hand-make every Spectrum Lite there is NO middle man, No outsourcing & NO third party involved.
  • I use nothing but the best components available. I check every single LED before mounting to project box.
  • All Spectrum Lites are properly soldered, using correct resistor to maximize battery life.
  • All Spectrum Lites  are insulated with heat shrink leaving NO exposed messy wiring, there will be NO short circuiting the Spectrum Lite.
  • I will custom make Infrared Illuminator to your specifications.
  • I'm readily available for direct contact on Facebook, Twitter, email & eBay. All questions & inquiries answered..
  • I'm a paranormal investigator & always looking for more light through innovation, experimentation & prototyping.
  • Discounts for paranormal groups, please email me with your requirements.
  • I will package & send worldwide. All parcels are packed in a strong corrugated box, bubble wrap & shredded paper. I have had no breakages reported in 4 years.
  • Support  is always  available but everything is so simple to set up & use you probably won't need it

Where to purchase your Spectrum Lite

I have been buying & selling online for 12 years & understand how people can be hesitant when it come to buying online. Although eBay fees are high you can buy & bid with confidence as there is no risk with PayPal. Please take the time to see my profile & items for sale  on eBay.  Please see my genuine eBay feedback below.

You can also purchase Spectrum Lite from me  directly, as there is a saving for me I will always give you a top quality adapter mount to suit your new infrared illuminator as a FREE bonus. Payment will still be via PayPal or cash on pickup.

*Truly amazing product! Wouldn't use anything else. Fast postage thanks *Excellent Stuff - Thank you very much - 5 Star seller!!
*Great communication, well packed, light packs some punch.
*Absolutely awesome product...excellent communication.. Spectrum State, eBay